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Fifty years of The Mousetrap Her Majesty joins in the celebration

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II graciously attended the 50th Anniversary Royal Gala Performance on 25th November 2002, pictured here with Lord Attenborough, one of the show's original stars.

November 2001 - 50th year celebrations

The 50th year of the Mousetrap started on November 25th 2001. There was a cast reunion at the Savoy to mark the historic event. There are many famous faces in the cast photograph below.

Cast and crew

First Performance of the 50th Year!

The Mousetrap 50 year seal

Lord Attenborough switched on our golden 50 in a blaze of publicity and then watched a very special performance. The audience were invited by The Mousetrap Foundation, a charity dedicated to encouraging young people who would not normally visit the theatre to see West End shows. And what an audience! The St Martin's had never seen the like as 500 teenagers filed noisily through the doors, management hearts were beating fast at the thought of controlling them. However, with all credit to the students, their teachers and of course Agatha Christie's ability to hold her audience, behaviour was impeccable as they sat on the edge of their seats, submersed in the new delights of theatre. It was so exciting to hear the laughter in all the right places and the eager discussions during the interval as to everyone's idea of whodunit!

The evening's show ended as historically as it had begun. 50 years after first walking on to the set of The Mousetrap, Lord Attenborough took to the stage for the curtain calls. He then said a few words, much to the delight of the audience who of course remembered him, not from The Mousetrap but the successful major Hollywood films he has made. (Oh the cries of "It's him from Jurassic Park!!!!!!)

Thank you Lord and Lady Attenborough, Thank you Mousetrap Foundation, Thank you audience and thank you to all those involved on and off stage for making history once more.

The Mousetrap

The longest running show, of any kind, in the world.

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